simply put:

We love God, we love people, we love our city.

Our passion is to:


transform our city

God has placed Aurora, Colorado on our hearts. He’s placed us at Abilene & I-225, and we have a passion to serve Him from this corner!

and beyond

He’s called us beyond our own walls and the streets of Denver Metro to share His Good News across the globe.

by connecting people to Christ

We know “Jesus Loves You!” might sound trite, but it’s as true today as it was when He said, “Let the children come to me!” He still wants us to be His children, and have a lasting, deep relationship with each and every one of us!


Jesus doesn’t expect us to love Him alone. He purposely created intimate community (yes, even He had a close-knit group of disciples) so that we could learn, grow, worship and serve with Him together!

and Calling

Have you felt God move you to step out in faith and do that thing that’s not just service or “work,” but the very thought of it makes your heart leap for joy?
Maybe it’s time…