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Monday, March 19, 2012

An open letter from Pastor Doug Carlsen, Executive Pastor of Colorado Community Church:

"CCC Englewood Family,

We are pressing on to something new! Over the past seven weeks since Pastor Hugo Venegas’ resignation as Senior Pastor of CCC Englewood, the Board of Directors and Mission Leadership Team have prayerfully discussed and sought God’s leading regarding the best long-term plan for the congregation of CCC Englewood. Over this time, through much prayer, discussion and input from the Englewood staff and congregation, we have grown to be of one heart and mind on the course of direction we discern God has for us.

It was announced Sunday, March 18, during our Base Camp Englewood worship service that, “After a season of seeking God’s leading and wisdom in the long-term plans for Base Camp Englewood, and after evaluating all options, the CCC Board of Directors has determined the best long-term plan is to transition our Base Camp Englewood congregation to join the incoming Highline Community Church congregation under the leadership of Dr. Bob Beltz starting on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012.”

We are convinced this direction will best care for the needs of the congregation for several reasons:

  1. It allows for what is unique and special about this congregation – its sense of community and love for this location and area of ministry – to continue under a known, proven and experienced Pastor and a healthy congregation that has a similar “heartbeat, lifestyle and feel” to that of Colorado Community Church.
  2. It provides an incredible opportunity for stability and continued growth of the congregation.
  3. It allows the option for those who desire to remain associated with Colorado Community Church to do so by transitioning to be a part of Base Camp Aurora (know the "Welcome Mat" is out if you choose to do so!)
  4. CCC Englewood is in a financially unsustainable place to continue as it has existed given our current attendance and giving trends. Specifically, a church of our current attendance and giving levels would be able to support a part-time pastor and a part-time administrative assistant. All other ministries (children’s, youth, congregational care, etc.) would need to be volunteer-led. To remain as CCC Englewood and search for a part-time pastor with a part-time assistant in a rented facility with a new, growing church soon-on-the-scene seemed too much to ask of any pastor or any congregation.

Of course, we know there will be many questions regarding the specifics of this new adventure. Most (if not all) of your questions will be answered during the meetings/events mentioned above. A couple key “Frequently Asked Questions” are mentioned below.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact our Board of Directors via email (email the Board) or Pastor Doug Carlsen (email Pastor Doug). In addition, you may download the sermon from Sunday, March 18 - "Epic Joy - Pressing On" part of the “Epic Joy” series which walks through the decision process.

On behalf of the CCC Board of Directors we want to thank you again for your prayers, patience and words of encouragement and affirmation during this process. We have sensed God’s hand of Providence in this process and are convinced that our Lord has a bright future for us ahead.

In view of His appearing,

Pastor Doug Carlsen
Executive Pastor, Colorado Community Church


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What will happen to the Englewood Staff?

A. Their positions with Colorado Community Church came to an end Monday, April 9. We have sought to care for them well in this transition by providing generous severance packages for each as well as assistance with job placement if they so desire.

Q. Will Base Camp Englewood cease to exist?

A. With the transition of the CCC Englewood congregation to become a part of Highline Community Church our Englewood campus effectively ceased to exist Easter Sunday, April 8th. We are in the process of relocating our base of operations and entire CCC staff to our Aurora location. This will take place over the coming weeks.

Q. We have been leasing back the Facility from the new owner for this past year. Has this lease ended?

A. We have arranged with Crosswalk Fellowship to terminate our current lease as of May 10, 2012. This does not impact their ongoing purchase of the facility from Colorado Community Church. The final payment, along with deferred interest, is due by May 10, 2013 at which time CCC should be able to retire any remaining debt."


• Download Pastor Doug's Letter in PDF format

Listen to the Sunday, March 18 "Epic Joy - Pressing OnSermon (Pastor Doug Carlsen)

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