Mission: Ghana


We serve a Christian School in a Muslim neighborhood by helping to provide for various needs.

What We Do

We have developed a relationship with Care Association School in the Nima neighborhood of Accra, Ghana. We are working with this Christian school in a Muslim neighborhood to provide funds to help them recruit and retain qualified teachers, obtain school supplies for the children and do minor facility improvements.

Upcoming Trips

No trips are planned at this time.

About the Care Association School

The Care Association School was begun some 25 years ago by Christian couple Alfred & Charlotte Nortey. Located in the middle of a predominately Muslim neighborhood, they offer preschool through kindergarten classes. The Muslim families send their children to this Christian school because most of these mothers have to work. They understand their children are receiving a Christian education but also know their children will be fed at least one meal each day and cared for lovingly.

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Team Contact

Ardith Duke
Ghana Mission Team Leader