Poco A Poco

Poco a Poco is our kids choir for 2nd through 8th grade boys and girls! It’s a fun, creative way to honor God and work as a team!

There are 2 rehearsal times each week – come to one, come to both or switch back and forth between them.

Rehearsal times:

SATURDAYS: 3:30-4:45pm
SUNDAYS: 9:00-10:15am

*We ask that families pay $15 to help with purchasing of snacks for the choir season.

Parent Information Packet

Current Season

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What Do We Ask of the Children?

We ask you to take this commitment as seriously as any other extra-curricular activity. It is a big commitment so please make sure you understand and agree to the requirements before registering for Poco A Poco.

  1. Attend one rehearsal per weekend, either Saturday night or Sunday morning. You must have a minimum of 3 rehearsals attended leading up to each Worship Weekend.
  2. Sing at ALL three services on Worship Weekends, when Poco A Poco leads worship. If you cannot do all three, you’ll have to sit out for that weekend.
  3. Follow instructions and respect the choir director and other participants through both your words and your actions.
  4. Commit to the whole season (September-December) by attending faithfully and consistently.

What Do We Ask of the Parent(s)?

If your family has a consistent difficulty that may prevent regular attendance at Poco A Poco rehearsals, please email the Children’s Choir Director to have a conversation about the possibility of working around this difficulty.

  1. Punctually check in your child(ren) at the Children’s Ministry desk before each rehearsal.
  2. If your child auditions and receives a special part (solo or drums) please commit to them attending either every Saturday or every Sunday rehearsal leading up to that Worship Weekend. We will communicate which day will be the required day.
  3. Punctually pick child(ren) up at the end of rehearsal from the choir room next to the liquor store (Saturday at 4:45, Sunday at 10:15). Or you may check them into Sunday School before bringing them to choir, and they will be dropped off at their appropriate class after choir.
  4. Volunteer to assist the director for at least ONE rehearsal or Worship Weekend for each semester.
  5. Make sure your child can sing at ALL 3 services on Worship Weekends that Poco A Poco leads worship. If you cannot make all three services, you’ll have to sit out for that weekend.
  6. Follow dress code for Worship Weekends that includes Poco A Poco shirt and dark pants or jeans. No khakis, no leggings, and no skirts. Kids not following the dress code will not be permitted to sing for that service.
  7. Pick child(ren) up at the assigned time and place after they lead worship on Worship Weekends. They will NOT be released to Sunday School either on Saturday or on Sunday, nor will we be offering to watch them until the end of the service on Saturday.
  8. While choir is a serving opportunity for our kids, we do not see it as a substitute for basic spiritual growth. Children’s Ministry asks that families commit that their children will attend either Sunday School or the Worship Service in addition to choir practice.
  9. Participate with the devotions provided for all choir families. This is an excellent way to be the primary spiritual leader for your family.

Questions? Contact Heather Cox, Children’s Choir Director | 303-994-9688 | hcox@coloradocommunity.org

Questions? Contact Heather Cox, Children’s Choir Director
303-994-9688 | hcox@coloradocommunity.org

Questions? Contact Heather Cox
Children’s Choir Director