Chris Lang

Creative Arts Associate

A Bit About Chris

Hometown: Denver by way of Chicago

Describe your job: worship guy

What keeps you working here? The people!  What a great, vibrant church!  And the musicians are world class, which keeps me in the shed practicing!

One thing people don’t realize about the staff that they need to know: How much they pray, and how hard they work.

One thing about the Father that you find amazing: His unending desire to fill his children with grace and peace and love.

Beach or Mountains? BEACH!

Hot weather or cold weather? HOT! Are you kidding me?

Sport or Arts? Both

Favorite hobby: Snowboarding, mountain biking or dirt biking

Favorite food/restaurant: Mexican food in Denver is a cultural treasure

Favorite date spot (or place) in Colorado? Beth and I do the parent triathlon: hot tub at the gym, cheap dinner, then the library!

The best movie of all time clearly is: (tie) Shawshank Redemption and Book of Eli

Everyone should read: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Most Embarrassing Moment? Too many to count, so I have learned to just laugh at myself. It feels healthier that way.

In the next 5 years I will: Take my kids on a mission trip with me

Any words of advice? Love God, love others. Never settle. Always pack extra duct tape.