David Lopes

Facility Coordinator

A Bit About David

Name: David Lopes

Hometown: Bourne, Massachusetts

Describe your job: I am the facility care taker. I am responsible for the facility staff and dealing with contractors as well as maintaining the building and grounds.

What keeps you working here? My love for Jesus Christ my lord and savoir and the love of Christ that is evident in the Staff.

One thing people don’t realize about the staff that they need to know:They truly have a love for Christ and Community.

One thing about the Father that you find amazing: His Grace is sufficient for all things especially the breaking of bondage.

Beach or Mountains? Beach

Hot weather or cold weather? Hot

Sport or Arts? Arts

Favorite hobby: Drawing

Favorite food/restaurant: Seafood

Favorite date spot (or place) in Colorado? Evergreen

The best movie of all time clearly is: Saving Private Ryan

Everyone should read: Grace Walk

Most Embarrassing Moment? One a date with my wife before we where married and tried to sing at karaoke night and froze.

In the next 5 years I will: do a missions trip with my family.

Any words of advice? Allow Jehovah to work through you each and every day.