Pastor Doug Carlsen

Executive Pastor

A Bit About Doug

Name: Doug Carlsen

Hometown: Niwot (spell it backwards – To Win!)

Describe your job: I am the “flight deck coordinator” and “flypaper” for CCC

What keeps you working here? I love the Mission, Vision and Values of CCC (and its wonderful people!)

One thing people don’t realize about the staff that they need to know:We really do like each other!

One thing about the Father that you find amazing: He puts up with me longer than I’d put up with myself

Beach or Mountains? Mountains next to a beach

Hot weather or cold weather? A little cooler is the best choice

Sport or Arts? SportFavorite hobby: Anything outdoors that requires a helmet and has the potential for bodily harm

Favorite food/restaurant: Food – Pizza / Restaurant – Rio Grande (for a liquid reason)

Favorite date spot (or place) in Colorado? Boulder and Pearl Street on a summer evening

The best movie of all time clearly is: Princess Bride

Most Embarrassing Moment? Never embarrassed…

In the next 5 years I will: Travel roughly 3 trillion miles around the sun on this beautiful white and blue ball called earth (and get more grey hairs and need glasses probably)

Any words of advice? Don’t use Tupperware on the stove – it melts