Weekend Worship

Finding a church isn’t easy. We know that, and we’ve been in your shoes! We hope this page acts as a “launchpad” of sorts to help you get started…

The Worship Center

Worship With Us!

The Worship Center is our main worship venue, featuring live, current, amazing worship and transformational teaching from God’s Word.


*8am, 9:30am & 11am
(*Sacramental Service)

After the Service

Oh, yeah. We’re just getting started…

Grab a cup of coffee

Pipin’. Hot. Fresh. Mmm…

Head over to our Welcome Table

Meet one of our pastors! (Most of ’em don’t bite…)

Pick up your kids

(If you left some with us)
Please take them home with you, it gets a bit cold here at night…

Meet someone new

We know, probably not the easiest thing in the world, so…

…come back next week!

Yes, we get it if you’d rather not stick around. We’d love to see you again, though! And if you were just visiting, we’re glad you chose to worship with us!


Just ask!


About our Weekend Services

  • Come as You Are

    We certainly don’t have a dress code, but we thought you might like to know what to expect when you arrive. Those that attend wear everything from shorts & t-shirts to suits & ties. In other words: come as you feel comfortable. We’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than with what you wear.

  • Visit the Children's Ministry Webpage
    Safe & Fun for Kids

    Children’s ministry is available during all of our weekend services. Your kids are greeted as they enter classrooms by our wonderful teachers. They’ll hear Bible lessons presented in an interactive, creative and fun way so they’ll be able to apply those truths to their lives. Your kids will sense the love of God coming from dedicated adults who are committed to serving Jesus by leading kids.

    All of our Children’s Ministry volunteers are screened with background checks.

    Visit the Children's Ministry Webpage
  • Go to Youth Ministry website
    Where Teens Connect

    At CCC Youth Ministry, we like to shatter the stereotype that church has to be boring. Whether your teen is in high school or junior high, we offer an exciting church experience geared specifically for your teen. And we’ll bring a biblical message of hope and challenge to them every week.

    Go to Youth Ministry website
  • Facilities & Parking

    Need help finding your way around our facilities? Check out our Facility Map below. Parking can be a tad strained at times. However, we have some AMAZING parking lot volunteers who will guide you to the best possible spots available. Since we share the lot with a few other businesses, take a moment to view our Parking Lot Map to see some of the “off limits” zones.

    Facility Map
    Parking Map

Questions? Contact our Creative Arts Department  | 303-256-2205 | create@coloradocommunity.org

Questions? Contact our Creative Arts Department
303-256-2205 | create@coloradocommunity.org

Questions? Contact our
Creative Arts Department